About Dr. Simmons

Dr. Deborah Simmons has provided specializing counseling for infertility-related trauma and pregnancy loss for more than 20 years. She works with fertility clinics, OB/GYN clinics, surrogacy agencies, and egg donor agencies around the country. She consults to the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Minneapolis. She loves helping people with decision-making about what path to choose to get to parenting. Dr. Simmons provides psychoeducation to all who seek to be parents, whether this is by using IUIs, IVF, donor eggs, donor sperm, donor embryos, or gestational surrogacy. She evaluates gestational carriers and egg donors. She offers clinical hypnosis, EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, couples therapy, and energy work. She is also working in the area of fertility preservation with women who have been diagnosed with cancer and with transgender men and women who wish to be parents.

Dr. Simmons is an active professional member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM); Resolve: the National Infertility Association; Fruitful Fertility; Parents Via Egg Donation; the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE); the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy; and the Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She has written for Parents after Loss Support, Fertility Smarts, and Fruitful Fertility.

She received her PhD in family social science from the University of Minnesota, a Master’s degree in public administration from George Washington University, and a double major in international relations and political science from American University. She is the mother of two premature babies and a feisty veteran of months on pregnancy bedrest.

Contact Dr. Deborah Simmons

Dr. Deborah Simmons, PhD, LMFT welcomes you for individual and couples therapy on any topic and specifically about infertility challenges, stillbirth, miscarriage, pregnancy complications, premature delivery, reproductive decision-making, and preparation for inseminations or IVF and/or use of donor sperm, donor eggs, and surrogacy. All straight and gay clients are welcome!

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8 am-5 pm
Tuesday from 10 am-7 pm
Partners (In)fertility

Phone number: 612-324-1207
Fax: 612-500-4459
Address: 414 Penn Avenue S. Minneapolis, MN 55405

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