Breathe a Quick Reset

Feeling stressed as you start the work week? Try this:  breathe a quick reset.  Here we go:  first empty the air from your lungs, slowly and steadily.  Next inhale through your nose, also slowly and steadily.  In your next exhales, put a slight constriction in the back of your throat.  If you exhale with your mouth open, you will sound like Darth Vader. If you exhale with your mouth closed, you will hear the sound of ocean waves!  This textured breath and sound soothe the mind and body with ease, and quickly!  Many of my clients experience almost instant relaxation of mind and body.  You might find it to be instant brain bleach.  You can breathe your quick reset with your eyes open or closed. Enjoy and let your every breath be victorious.  Have a great week everybody!



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