Clinical Hypnosis

I often use clinical hypnosis in my practice.  Clinical hypnosis is a natural state of intensely focused attention and relaxation that is used to treat psychological or physical problems.  The mind and body are more open to change in a highly relaxed state.  When you daydream, you are in a naturally-occurring hypnotic state.  This intense focus can help you to look at the world in a new way.  I often use hypnosis to treat anxiety, to address eating issues, and to prepare for medical procedures.

There are a number of myths about hypnosis.  You are not asleep, just in a relaxed state of intense focus.  There is no swinging watch.  You will not get stuck in a trance.  You have complete control over yourself and psyche.  You will not say or do anything that you are not interested in saying or doing.  Hypnosis is enjoyable and useful for many people.

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