Follow Up from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Conference

I had a great time in Boston at the annual research conference of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) this past week.  I was able to catch up with friends from the Mental Health Professional Group of ASRM and to meet up with people representing a variety of fertility interests.  My postgraduate class was called “New Families on Trial”, discussing ethical, mental health, medical, and legal aspects of family building.

Ever wonder how sperm are housed and frozen?  Here it is:  vials of sperm from Cryogenic Laboratories in  Roseville, MN.

Then I had a chance to talk with Mary Lou Ballweg, the president and executive director of the Endometriosis Association and author of Endometriosis : The Complete RBallwegEndoeference for Taking Charge of Your Health (2003) and The Endometriosis Sourcebook (1995).  Of late, Mary Lou has been tireless in researching the impact of environmental toxins on endometriosis.  We also had a good conversation about how women suffering from endometriosis can benefit from eating a gluten-free diet.  (You’ve heard me talk about that before. Here’s the link again Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, and Your Fertility.)

DebLevyI enjoyed seeing my friend, Deb Levy, with Conceivabilities, an excellent surrogacy and egg donation agency based in Chicago.  I’ve worked with the agency and found them excellent to work with.  Plus I like Deb a lot!Mikki

Finally, for the single ladies, I had a great conversation with Mikki Morrisette, the founder of Choice Moms. Mikki has been active helping single women around the country to build families in a supportive community. Mikki and I will be talking soon about a Choice Moms conference here in the Twin Cities.

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