It’s Sunny In Our Hearts

It’s snowing again today here in Minneapolis. In March. So close to Spring. One of my beautiful clients knows that I don’t like snow and previous conversations about it have brought great conversation about cognitive shifts.

Me: “I don’t like snow.”
Client: “Turn that thought around.”
Me: “Snow can be pretty and brings needed moisture.”

So one day, this beautiful person brought in signs to emphasize the importance of a good cognitive shift on a snowy day. It certainly changed my outlook. I hope that it will help you when you are having a snowy day inside. Because, remember. It’s Sunny In Our Hearts Every Day.

1 Comment

  1. This brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. Smile at the snow and also life’s challenges and radiate the goodness and beauty that comes from them. Although not always easy to see or accept, there can be goodness and beauty in life and our challenges, even when it comes to accepting this “white stuff.”

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