There Are So Many Kinds of Pregnancy Losses

Pregnancy losses include a number of difficult experiences, including infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery, unexpected fetal anomaly, and birth trauma, among others.   I approach pregnancy losses and bereavement comprehensively.

Some losses result in death.  Other losses feel like a death.  Some losses are symbolic.  When a woman is told that she will need infertility treatment, or that her baby has an anomaly, she is experiencing profound loss.   Often people experience more than one type of loss in their reproductive lives.  This can also include complications in pregnancy or trauma during labor and delivery.

You do not “get over” a pregnancy loss, but you can integrate the experience into what is hopefully a long and happy life.  Telling your reproductive story is a must for healing.  Too often people are afraid to tell their story out of embarrassment, or fear of burdening others, or because others minimize or deny the physical and emotional pain caused by reproductive losses.  This can lead to isolation, resentment, and depression.  It is insufficient to say that loss is difficult, as each person and each couple experiences loss differently.

I actively elicit your reproductive story and provide hope for healing and transformation.  With you (and your partner, whenever possible) we will explore:

  • Gender issues
  • Psychological make-up
  • Childhood trauma
  • Medical trauma history
  • Family history and dynamics
  • Belief systems
  • Social environment
  • Spiritual beliefs
  • Resilience factors

I listen to my patients’ unique situations and partner with them in developing the most appropriate treatment plan.  Many of my patients have found healing and new purpose. I collaborate actively with physicians, nurses, acupuncturists, and other health care professionals across the Twin Cities and around the country to ensure that healing is complete and that hope can spring anew for family building in the future.  I am available for professional consultation, as well.  Compassion and clinical know-how can ensure a variety of good outcomes including parenthood, better relationships, and self-compassion. Come see me when you are ready.


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