Moving With Intention

During my yoga class today, my instructor said that “vinyasa” means to move with intention.  I have learned that I have to move with intention, to avoid an “Uh-Oh!” from my joints.

I focused on that comment throughout my class and time seemed to slow gently.  As I think about it, my best days are the ones where I go through the day with intention. This could show up as listening to a client’s story with a new ear, or letting my words flow like music when doing clinical hypnosis.  Slowing down and observing feels different and can bring new, more peaceful perspectives.

If you are in the midst of fertility treatment and you are afraid that you will never be a parent, what might moving with intention look like?   You might allow yourself to hear what your doctor is saying, rather than tuning in to your typical internal conversation (e.g., “&^$#my body*#^&@ failure^#T^*!!!”)  You might have compassion for yourself for the difficult journey you are on.  You might let yourself be open to different options for family building, even if only for a moment.

If you are grieving a miscarriage or a stillbirth, you might decide not to blame your body for what has happened.  You might focus on eating at some point today, or just getting through the next hour.  I know that we can wear ourselves out looking for answers to things that cannot be explained.  My heart is with you.

As you move through the days to come, let yourself move with intention and notice how it feels. Slow down enough to notice your negative thoughts and question them.  Listen to a favorite song, this time focusing only on the drums.  Or look at someone you love and notice something new and beautiful about them.  Each moment is the one we are in.  Move gently, my friends, and let me know what you find…


  1. This is a wonderful post and it made me stop and think, thank you. All of us who struggle with pain, hurt, emptiness and disappointment, whether from the past and/or in our current journey share something in common. Our hearts yearn, need, and want what we are in search of and we want it now. To move with intention both physically and mentally to me means everyday giving it the best I can with what I have or all I have in me (which sometimes does not feel like much) to keep the hope and dream I have alive and in sight. To work with my body and heart to replace the pain, disappointment, emptiness, and the “why” questions with more fight and to try and fill my heart with good things. Moving with intention to me is also willing to accept that life or what I am wanting may not happen in the way I “want” or “picture” , but to have an open mind and heart to what is out there for me and the possibilities. This one is difficult to accept sometimes.
    If you have a dream, need or want, but it seems like it will never come your way, keep going always remembering to take time to slow down and observe your life and move with intention:)….tomorrow may surprise you!

  2. I love this outlook of being intentional in healing and will be sharing with ANRC readers. I’ve tried to express it before that I had to make a conscious effort in dealing with our families challenges with prematurity and special needs but your yoga example is a great analogy of what intention looks like.

  3. This was really lovely. I’ll be sharing it with our readers.


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