What If One Small Change Could Improve Your Whole Life?

I was reading the October 2012 issue of Whole Living Magazine and the cover blew my socks off. It posed a question: “What if one small change could improve your whole life?” I thought back to the people in my office over the last six months. Several women starting fertility treatment told me that they need to lose weight, but they were unwilling to give up their “addiction” to cheese. Multiple people with depression, infertility, or chronic pain did not believe that having compassion for themselves was possible—or useful. An abused woman moved to a shelter but she did not want to believe that her abusive, gun-owning husband was dangerous. Others have been “unable” to exercise when they really just do not like it. A woman had pity for her husband, who blamed her for a stillbirth and cut off her health insurance. Some people want others in their lives to change, rather than changing their own behavior. What if a mother helped her adult daughter to change her harmful behavior, rather than “protecting” both of them from embarrassment?So you can see how powerful this question is for me.

“What if one small change could improve your whole life?” I will be asking this question a lot in the coming weeks. I challenge you to ask yourself this question and confront the fears that muddy the truth in your life. Ask a friend or loved one the same question and see what comes forward. You are more powerful in your own life than you know.  Let me know what happens…


  1. What a great idea to ponder!!

  2. That’s going to stay with me all week. Well said. Thank you!!

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