The Breath of Victory (Get it Now, Today!)

I see a lot of good people with anxiety, especially those who are undergoing fertility treatment and other medical procedures.  I can admit to some of my own.  Here is a free tool that is guaranteed to give you a reprieve from anxiety—the Breath of Victory.  It goes like this.  Empty the air from your lungs, slowly and steadily.  Inhale through your nose, also slowly and steadily.  When you exhale this time (yes, slowly and steadily), put a slight constriction in the back of your throat, Darth Vader style.  If you close your mouth with your exhales, you will hear the sound of ocean waves.  This textured breath and sound soothe the mind and body with ease, and quickly!  Many of my clients experience almost instant relaxation of mind and body.  One client called it “instant brain bleach.”  Enjoy and let your every breath be victorious.

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