You Matter #NIAW

I took my first Spring walk around Lake Calhoun today, one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities. It was glorious. People were smiling and happy, all of us sprung from the dark, cold dungeon of a very long winter. As I walked, I began to see uplifting messages written in chalk on the curb. “You look beautiful today!” “No matter what you are dealing with, it’s not snowing!” That one brought a smile. The one that grabbed my attention the most was “You Matter.” I thought to myself, “Yes, I do!” It almost brought me to tears. It made me think about the stories I have had the privilege to hear in my office recently and the courage it takes to move forward in life.

To those who are struggling to build a family when others don’t seem to care, you matter. To the people who are newly pregnant after fertility treatment but who are afraid of loss, you matter. To those who are grieving the death of a parent or who are besieged by chronic pain or illness, you matter. To those who live with drama-makers and who just want peaceful intimacy, you matter. And to the beautiful person who brought kindness and joy today to people walking around a city lake on a sunny day, you matter. And I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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